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Home Powerline Products Regenerators PS Audio P12 High Performance DirectStream Regenerator

PS Audio P12 High Performance DirectStream Regenerator
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PS Audio P12 High Performance DirectStream Regenerator

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DirectStream Power Plant 12

Generate new AC power for best performance The DirectStream Power Plant 12 is the successor to the venerable P5 Power Plant. The P12 is completely redesigned from the ground up with three times lower output impedance, lower distortion, a new FPGA based DSD sine wave generator, and an improved level of performance never before attained by any Power Plant of its size. Power Plants take your incoming AC power and regenerate new sine-wave-perfect, regulated high current AC power. In the process of regeneration any problems on your power line such as low voltage, distorted waveforms, sagging power and noise are eliminated. The results are both audibly and visually stunning when powering either audio or video products. Further, the level of protection afforded connected equipment is extraordinary. Feel 100% confident that a P12 will provide pure and safe power under any condition.


This product is currently not available.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 23 October 2019 17:52