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Announcing the arrival of the AWARD winning Cocktail Audio X-12 revolutionary HD HiFi Audio System with the functions of CD Storage, Music Streamer, Music Server and Advanced Internet Radio

Usual Price@ $850.00/each.

Remarks: Sata Hard Drive not included.

Free 1pc 1.5M Ambiance Optical Fiber Cable valued@ $60.00/each.

Free 1pc Acoustic Sys USB DAC valued@ $199.00/each. with every purchased. While Stocks Last.



1. Revolutionary HD HiFi Audio System, CD storage, Music Streamer, Music Server and Advanced Internet Radio

X12 is a perfect and excellent HD HiFi Audio System with CD storage, Music Streamer, Music Server and advanced Internet Radio. Basically it looks like normal audio CD Player. Of course, it can play audio CD directly like normal CD Player. But, it has various amazing functions such as HiFi CD storage with database function, music streamer, Internet radio, networking and etc. You can load all your CD collection into the hard disk of X12, and X12 gives you instant access to any of your music loaded into the hard disk with remote controller in your sofa.

2. More than HiFi Component

X12 is a revolutionary HiFi Component. X12 has a high speed front loading CD drive built in with 3.5" full color TFT LCD to display well designed high quality UI(user interface). Also, X12 uses 3.5inch SATA hard disk as storage to load all your CD collection. Think about 1 Terabytes or 2 Terabytes hard disk. It’s big capacity enough to load all your CD collection. X12 has an high quality 60W amplifier inside which can deliver wonderful sound through your existing HiFi system or your own loudspeakers. Of course, X12 provides a nice bookshelf speaker as option. Now, let's see in detail what kind of interesting functions it has.

X12 is not big. It’s cute and small enough for your living room. The size is 18Cm(width) x 14.7Cm(depth) x 9.8Cm(height). It fits quite well beside or on your home theater system. Of course, any small space under the TV will be OK for it. Its simple design and high quality finishing will make your living room more comfortable.

3. Load all your CD collection to the X12

How many audio CDs do you have ?

You have 500 CDs, 1000CDs, 5000CDs or 10000 CDs ?

That huge CDs will surely make your living room look cluttered. Just load all your CDs to X12, and then keep them in the place like attic or garage away from your precious living room. Now, you can scroll all your precious music stored in X12 with remote controller from the sofa. You can rediscover your many beautiful music which had been sleeping in the CD shelf for long time.

Purchase w/Purchase-To sweeten the deal further we are offering the New OZ AUDIO Silver PowerCord valued @ $199.00/1.5m each to customers who purchased the Cocktail Audio X-12 @ a reduced price of just $99.00/1.5m each. Limited to 1 cable per X-12.



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Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 September 2018 03:51