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Announcing the arrival of the AWARD winning METRUM ACOUSTICS OCTAVE DAC-Digital to Analogue Converter + Dedicated PSU-POWER SUPPLY UNIT from Netherlands.

Usual Price@ $1500.00/set of 2. Intro Price@ $1399.00/set of 2. †

FREE 1pc 1.0M AR-Coaxial Digital cable

FREE 1pc 1.5M Ambiance Optical Fiber Cable

FREE 1pc 1.5M Soniclink Silver PowerCord





For Mac users using the optical output found behind the 3.5mm stereo socket, we have the special optical adaptor in stock@ $5.00/each.




Why Pay More: The Critics believe the Metrum Octave is so good that its competition is not in its price range but rather in the £5000 to £10000 price range. †6Moon review. or Hifi Critic or TNT audio

We love the sound of vinyl. Its organic and sublime but it comes with caveats. It needs an expensive turntable and arm, careful setup, regular maintenance and regular expensive replacement cartridges. Now we have an alternative, a digital convertor with all the qualities and sound of vinyl without the cost and maintenance of one - NOS MINI DAC "Octave"

We wanted to design a DAC which would not be based on the regular AKM, Burr Brown, TI, Crystal and Wolfson chips, which are ubiquitous in consumer audio. Instead we wanted an ultra high-speed part such as you'd find in industrial applications. After many years of experimentation we finally identified an extremely fast chip that's useable for 16 or 24-bit audio but handles sampling rates up to 15 Megahertz. Glue logic, or a great understanding of digital audio, was required to match this chip to the standard audio formats. Due to the very low glitch energy of our resistor ladder network, no digital filter or oversampling was required.

Our machines are deliberately without frills. Paralleling four industrial DACs per channel with integral voltage outputs improves low-level information and noise floor for digital data via the receiver chip. Because our DAC chips are relatively expensive and usually only seen in fast data acquisition systems for industrial use, we kept functionality and cosmetics simple. We avoided multiple i/o ports and a hefty chassis to maintain instead an attractive price. One obvious advantage of our high-speed chips is that they exhibit excellent impulse response without pre/post ringing so common in today's oversampling converters. To avoid mutual interference between digital and analog data a six-layer printed circuit board is used.

After developing the dac we asked reviewers for feedback because they have experience with 'standard' (use run of the mill chipsets previously mentioned) audio converters across many price points. Its been reported that the Octave which sells for a little over £700 performs to a level of dacs costing £5000 and upwards. †

The Octave is a 2 box system, one box contains the DAC and the other the PSU (power-supply). A separate heavy filtered 15 VA powersupply is used for both 115V AC or †230 V AC. The †power from the toroidal transformer is rectified in the dac and smoothed by 26 capacitors with an equivalent capacity of 12.000uF.

The sound is natural, stress-free and communicates the musicians' intention directly to you. This is what can be achieved through a non-oversampling DAC. The feel of this sound is of an analogue reproduction.


Type of dac: Non oversampling dac † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †

Power: 14 VA external power supply † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †

Inputs: 1x optical 1x coaxial † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †

Outputs: 2x gold RCA connectors † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †

Max voltage output: 2 Volt RMS max. † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †

Slewing rate: 35 Volt/uS † † † † † † † † † † †

Frequency range: 1Hz 0dB untill half samplingrate -3dB. † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †

Distortion: 0,04 % THD † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †

Noise: -130 dB / 16 bits † -135 dB / 24 bits. † † † † † † † † † †

Output impedance: 85 Ohms † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †

Sampling frequency: 32 tot 96 kHz sampling 16 or 24 bits.

Coaxial input is selected for max 176.4 kHz






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New arrival@ Musiclink


For full specifications and ranges, please visit [url]

Introducing Pangea's range of Handcrafted Power Supply Units, PowerCords, USB cables, HDMI, Power Adaptors & speaker stands. Designed to be affordable, Pangea's range will appeal to the budget tight audiophile and provide the WOW factor when you try it on your system.

Some of Pangea's product range include:



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Image result for rega logo  images


We have added another member of the Rega family Brio-R to our line-up of Regas consisting of the Apollo-R & DAC.

Model: Apollo-R cd player. Usual Price@ $1400.00/each. †Promo Price †@ $1260.00/each.

Model: DAC. Usual Price@ $1300.00/each. †Promo Price @ $1170.00/each.

Model: BRIO-R Integrated Amp. Usual Price@ $1300.00/each. Promo Price @ $1100.00/each.

To sweeten our deal further, all purchasing customers will receive the following free gifts:

For purchasing the Rega Apollo-R, you will receive

1. †1.5m Oz Audio Silver/Copper Hybrid PowerCord valued@ $199.00/each X 1pc

2. 1.0m Connections UK Ultra interconnect@ $49.00/pair X 1pr

For purchasing the Rega DAC, you will receive

1. 1m AR-Acoustic Research 75ohm digital co-axial cable X 1 piece

2. 2m Audioplus XtremePro USB cable X 1 piece

3. †1.5m Audioplus Optical Cable X 1 piece

For purchasing the Rega Brio-R Integrated Amp, you will receive

1. 1m Connections UK interconnect @ $49.00/pair x 1pr


Image result for rega apollo-r  images

Design technology

The Apollo-R is the result of many years of innovation, advanced software development and elegant engineering solutions researched by our highly skilled team of engineers and designers. It took the completion of two of our multi award winning products, the flagship Isis CD player and the Rega DAC to pave the way for a unique product we feel encapsulates everything the new Apollo-R should be.

Design history

The original Apollo CD player launched in 2005. It was a huge success selling approaching 20,000 units worldwide. The Apollo was a unique player featuring Regaís own software and control system ensuring no other manufacturers player could sound the same. This key element is carried forward and improved into Apollo-R.

Analogue & digital outputs

Development of the analogue, digital and control domains ensured direct improvements of both analogue and digital outputs making the Apollo-R a perfect partner for the Rega Brio-R amplifier and an ideal ëCD formatí front-end for the Rega DAC. The Apollo-R internal circuitry has also been improved by tightening the PCB layout.

Compact case design

Apollo-R is a top loading design housed in a custom compact aluminium case matching the Rega DAC and Brio-R amplifier. The Apollo-R is available in both black or satin silver finish.

Dedicated CD mini system remote control

A new dedicated CD remote handset is supplied as standard which also has the advantage of Rega amplifier functionality .

Digital to analogue conversion

The DAC and the output amplifier of the Apollo-R have been enhanced using the Wolfson WM8742 digital to analogue converter, the same integrated circuit found in the Rega DAC.

Power supplies

The ëdigitalí power supplies feeding the CD processor, optical block, laser diode amplifier and slicer have been enhanced. This is achieved by using the same high performance low noise power supplies found in the same location within the Isis CD player. This vastly improves the playability, error correction and the ëinner coreí processing of the digital CD ëspinnerí part of the Apollo-R.

Output amplifier

The discrete output amplifier has been tweaked to reduce the overall THD from typically 0.005% to 0.0025%, whilst at the same time improving the overall sound quality of the output amplifier.

User interface

We have improved the user interface control by using a dedicated display microprocessor, which eases the workload on the main control processors giving an improvement in the control code stability, usability and improved speed of initialisation of the disc being played which now matches that of the Isis CD player.


New Wolfson WM8742 DAC

Enhanced Output amplifier circuit.

Enhanced Digital power supplies.

Improved User interface.

Redeveloped Analogue & Digital outputs.

CD remote with amplifier functionality.

All New Apollo-R CD remote:

Product finishes available:

Silver satin metal finish

Black satin metal finish


Maximise the potential of your digital audio.Image result for rega dac-r  images

The Rega DAC is a 16/20/24-bit at 32kHz to 192kHz digital to analogue converter incorporating an enhanced version of the Rega designed circuit. Developed to be simple to set up and use, the Rega DAC is designed to optimise performance from any two channel PCM digital audio source such as a CD player PC or streaming device.

With the PC/Laptop and MAC now widely accepted as creditable mediums for storing and streaming music. The use of high quality lossless files such as WAV, FLAC and ALAC offer performance through the DAC equal to and in some cases better than red book CD.

Housed in a custom aluminium and steel case and boasting a pair of Wolfson DAC IC's, 5 user selectable digital filters, two isolated Co-axial inputs, two Toslink SPDIF inputs and an isolated USB input. The Rega DAC is designed and engineered to perform way above its class.


The input stage comprises a Wolfson digital receiver with a high stability low jitter clock. The receiver and PLL have their own dedicated power supplies. The DAC stage comprises of a pair of parallel-connected Wolfson WM8742 DAC's, which are driven via a buffer stage, which ensures the integrity of the data being fed to the DAC IC's similar to the arrangement used in the Isis (Rega's refrerence CD player). Great care has been taken to remove noise generated by the PC and other input sources. During development this was identified as a major drawback with many DAC's on the market today.

The output amplifier employs a discrete differential multiple feedback filter and output amplifier, with a high cut-off frequency for use with higher sample rates. We decided not to use a sample rate converter and process the data at the incoming sample rate which keeps the signal processing to a minimum. Jitter was minimised by synchronously clocking the digital data with our receiver PLL (removing any jitter from the input signal).

All the capacitors associated with the analogue signal path are Nichicon FG bypassed with MMK polyester capacitors, and low impedance conductive polymer capacitors are used for DAC decoupling. The power supply utilizes a toroidal transformer, fast rectifier diodes and again Nichicon FG capacitors. There is a power supply for the control microcontroller, separate from the digital & analogue audio stages. Special attention being paid to the inter IC control signals ensuring the control data noise is kept to a minimum.


16-20-24-bit at 32kHz to 192kHz digital to analogue conversion.

Five user selectable digital filters.

Two isolated Co-axial inputs, two Toslink SPDIF inputs

& Isolated USB input.

Input stage comprising of a Wolfson digital receiver with

a high stability low jitter clock.

Jitter minimised by synchronously clocking the digital

data with our receiver PLL.

A pair of parallel-connected Wolfson WM8742 DAC's, which

are driven via a buffer stage, a similar configuration to that used in the Isis CD player.

Output amplifier with a discrete differential multiple feedback filter and output amplifier.

Housed in a brand new custom steel & aluminium case.

Finishes available:

Silver satin metal finish

Black satin metal finish


Image result for rega brio-r  images


The BrioñR embodies all the necessary ingredients. Substantial toroidal transformer, generous power supply components, rugged output stage, the use of film capacitors in the signal path and at all critical positions within the phono amplifier.


New output amplifier

Developed by our engineers a newly designed output amplifier using a low source impedance emitter follower Class A driver stage. Based around a complementary pair of 150w Sanken Darlington output transistors, this combination forms a complementary emitter follower emulating Class A conditions with good thermal stability and lower standing currents in the driver stage.[/color][/size]



Reviews & Awards feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=ekXfbYgH0fw






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Announcing the arrival of the AWARD winning Cocktail Audio X-10 revolutionary HD HiFi Audio System with the functions of CD Storage, Music Streamer, Music Server and Advanced Internet Radio

Usual Price@ $650.00/each. Intro Price@ $580.00/each.

Remarks: Sata Hard Drive not included.

Free 1pc 1.5M Ambiance Optical Fiber Cable valued@ $60.00/each.

Free 1pc Acoustic Sys USB DAC valued@ $199.00/each. with every purchased. While Stocks Last.



1. Revolutionary HD HiFi Audio System, CD storage, Music Streamer, Music Server and Advanced Internet Radio

X10 is a perfect and excellent HD HiFi Audio System with CD storage, Music Streamer, Music Server and advanced Internet Radio. Basically it looks like normal audio CD Player. Of course, it can play audio CD directly like normal CD Player. But, it has various amazing functions such as HiFi CD storage with database function, music streamer, Internet radio, networking and etc. You can load all your CD collection into the hard disk of X10, and X10 gives you instant access to any of your music loaded into the hard disk with remote controller in your sofa.

2. More than HiFi Component

X10 is a revolutionary HiFi Component. X10 has a high speed front loading CD drive built in with 3.5" full color TFT LCD to display well designed high quality UI(user interface). Also, X10 uses 3.5inch SATA hard disk as storage to load all your CD collection. Think about 1 Terabytes or 2 Terabytes hard disk. It’s big capacity enough to load all your CD collection. X10 has an high quality 60W amplifier inside which can deliver wonderful sound through your existing HiFi system or your own loudspeakers. Of course, X10 provides a nice bookshelf speaker as option. Now, let's see in detail what kind of interesting functions it has.

X10 is not big. It’s cute and small enough for your living room. The size is 18Cm(width) x 14.7Cm(depth) x 9.8Cm(height). It fits quite well beside or on your home theater system. Of course, any small space under the TV will be OK for it. Its simple design and high quality finishing will make your living room more comfortable.

3. Load all your CD collection to the X10

How many audio CDs do you have ?

You have 500 CDs, 1000CDs, 5000CDs or 10000 CDs ?

That huge CDs will surely make your living room look cluttered. Just load all your CDs to X10, and then keep them in the place like attic or garage away from your precious living room. Now, you can scroll all your precious music stored in X10 with remote controller from the sofa. You can rediscover your many beautiful music which had been sleeping in the CD shelf for long time.

Purchase w/Purchase-To sweeten the deal further we are offering the New OZ AUDIO Silver PowerCord valued @ $199.00/1.5m each to customers who purchased the Cocktail Audio X-10 @ a reduced price of just $99.00/1.5m each. Limited to 1 cable per X-10.


Please also visit our web-store@



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