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Ambiance Audio AM-1 Sound Damping Sheet
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Ambiance Audio AM-1 Sound Damping Sheet

Price per Unit (piece): SGD$30.00
You Save: SGD$10.00
Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:100
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Improve the performance of your CD, DVD, BLU-RAY, AMPLIFIERS, SPEAKERS etc. You can use this Damping sheet on almost anything. You can also use it to paste on the wall behind your loudspeaker to control back waves that caused boomy bass. Lightweight Vinyl Sound Damping Sheet 10" x 13" The AM-1 was formulated for maximum damping efficiency over a broad frequency and temperature range. It is made of a mineral filled viscoelastic polymer that transforms vibrational energy into thermal energy (low level heat). It provides twice the damping of asphalt based product without the weight and odor. The AM-1 has a grain leather finish and is cosmetically pleasing, so it can be used on front speaker baffles and other applications that are visible to the eye. The flexible nature of the AM-1 damping sheets enables it to mold and conform to irregular surfaces. It can be easily cut using a standard razor knife or scissors. The pressure sensitive adhesive makes for easy peel and stick installations and will adhere to most surfaces including metal, wood and fiberglass. Excellent flame resistance, can handle continuous temperatures up to 250° F and meets UL94V-O. Thickness: .050". Home Theater: Can be used as a constrained layer between two sheets of drywall (sheetrock) to reduce wall resonance and control noise and vibration in home theater and Hi Fi listening rooms. Because AM-1 is odorless, it will not stink up your whole house! Speaker Building: Perfect for lining the interior of your speaker cabinet. It will dramatically reduce vibration energy that would normally be stored in the walls of the cabinet. Can be used as a constrained layer between two pieces of wood. The AM-1 also makes excellent gaskets! Use between the driver and front baffle to absorb vibrations. Automotive: You can reduce interior noise levels 3-10 dB by applying AM-1 damping sheets to the door panels, firewall, floor pan, trunk lid or any interior sheet metal panel. Top performers in car audio competitions know that a reduction of 3 dB in the interior noise level is like doubling your effective amplifier power! Because AM-1 is light-weight (about half of asphalt sheets), it will not weigh down your automobile! 10" x 13" sheet. Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in USA.

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