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Home Powerline Products PW Isolators Core Power Tech Equi=Core 150 Full Balanced Power Cable Systems

Core Power Tech Equi=Core 150 Full Balanced Power Cable Systems
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Core Power Tech Equi=Core 150 Full Balanced Power Cable Systems

Price per Unit (each): SGD$1 180.00
You Save: SGD$270.00
Number eachs in packaging:1
Number eachs in box:2
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Detailed Description 1. BORN DIRECTLY FROM SCIENCE Introducing the Equi=Core 50, 150, and 300 models of fully Balanced Power Cable Systems. These are remarkable products born directly of science and delivered in an affordable and robust package designed for your audio/video or computer system needs. Eliminate noise and hum in your system through the clever use of “Common Mode Rejection” CMR technology in the Equi=Core 50 Fully Balanced Power Cable System. -Extensively used in small recording studios and High end audio installations -Eliminates mains interference -Range from 50va to 300va -True Balanced 230V Power -Removes Power Line Noise -Eliminates Ground Loops in House Wiring -Reduces Radiated Fields from Power Cords -Soft Start Protects Equipment From Turn-On Surges -Reduces Interference Between Equipment -Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Sony Records, JPL/NASA, California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology All Use Balanced Power Devices to Eliminate Power Line Noise and Hum. -Origin: MADE IN USA What is Balanced Power? In much the same way that balanced audio lines can eliminate hum, electromagnetic interference (EMI), and noise, the use of balanced AC power lines in sensitive audio, video, or computer installations can make an enormous difference in system noise and signal integrity. But power distribution in North America, unfortunately, is not balanced. The distribution standards currently in use were derived from practices established over a century ago, when electric power use was limited to lighting and motors —long before any AC noise sensitive applications existed. The emphasis then was on convenience (from the power utilities — standpoint) and safety, but not noise cancellation Balanced power is not a new design or approach in power conditioning, however up till now its been uber expensive CP Equi core 300 v2 because only small group of manufacturer’s on the planet specialize in manufacturing Balanced Power devices. It’s a rather simple concept; in your home, the AC wall socket that you normally use has three conductors: hot, neutral, and ground. Normally, if you measure the hot to ground you should get 120 volts, and if you measure the neutral to ground you should get 0 volts, but more often than you would imagine this is not what happens, i.e., hot vs. ground might be far less than 120 volts, and neutral vs. ground might be far more than 2 or 3 volts. These offsets produce common mode AC line noise that becomes audible in your audio system. In a balanced AC circuit, hot vs. ground, and neutral vs. ground will both read 60 volts. In other words, the hot and neutral conductors are both at 60 volts. Since these voltages are of opposite polarity though, and given that most interference in a typical AC line is common between the two lines, the noise in the lines is eliminated when the two lines are added together. This is effectively known as Common Mode Rejection (CMR). You also see this principle put to use in audio systems that use a balanced topology. Knowledgeable audiophiles know that when they feed their preamp output to a power amp input using Balanced XLR connections, the signal to noise ratio improves by a significant amount, up to -10 dB quieter, making any system sound its best by following this “best practice” method using the balanced inputs and outputs if available. This is how professional recording studios are wired, for the lowest level noise floor possible.

Length: 1.68m

Power: 150 watts


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