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METROPOLIS 175I Ready for Audition@Musiclink

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After about 500 hours of continuous burn-in, our monstrous Metropolis 175i integrated valve amp is finally ready for your audition.  Visit us today with your favorite CDs to listen for yourself what an incredible integrated amp the Metropolis 175i is. Check it out soon.





Last Updated on Thursday, 03 May 2012 02:52


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Hello Customers and Friends of Musiclink,

We would like to share with you pictures of our recent installation for Isotek's range of products involving the following models:

1.  ISOTEK NOVA to handle front end sources x 1unit

2.  ISOTEK SUPER TITAN to handle rear-end amplification x 2units

3.  ISOTEK Syncro to connect from wall to both the NOVA & SUPER TITAN to remove DC noises.

4.  FURUTECH UK wall sockets to provide superior conductivity for superb sound quality.

5.  ISOTEK 32-AMPS Power-cords to connect all the above.

Thanks for viewing.



Last Updated on Friday, 08 June 2018 02:32


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New Product Arrival:


From the land of fashion, sport cars and designs comes another gem discovered recently.


Introducing the CAROT ONE TUBED CLASS D desktop amplifier- WORLD'S SMALLEST AMP!!!!



Carot One is an innovative brand from Italy offering very special electronics with technologically advanced features. The Carot One Class D Amplifier makes use of the latest micro chip sizes, which exhibit outstanding performance, as well as a tube Pre-Amplifier stage.

With an input for iPod on the front panel and one for CD or DAC on the rear,  this small box offers a high quality desktop option for those wanting a decent sound from their computer based media. Simply add a HRT USB DAC for a complete desktop system.

Fine electronic circuits such as this a few years ago were unthinkable, but now with this new technology comes reduced dimensions. Thanks to precise and careful planning they have managed to obtain a high level of performance at exceptionally low cost.

Anodised aluminum orange casing of the Carot One looks cool, and makes a real statement in any decor. To maximise the enormous potential quality speakers that provide a precise and transparent sound will mate very well with the Carot One.

Conveniently, the Ernestolo also provides a great sounding headphone amplifier output on the front panel, so you can continue to enjoy great sound even in the wee hours...


Last Updated on Thursday, 26 May 2011 01:53

Blue Horizon Spike Shoes highly commented by Hi-Fi World

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The news is in! Blue Horizon's Spike Shoes just received Hi-Fi World Magazine's Recommendation:......Read On.......


Hi-Fi World have now published the following fantastic review.

"Precision of the image improved, as did the perceived speed and depth of the bass. An effective value for money product that displays considered thought and attention to its quality."


Image result for Blue Horizon spike shoes images

On Promo now@ $39.00/set of 4. Usual Price@ $60.00/set of 4.


Last Updated on Saturday, 08 July 2017 03:46

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