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Home Connectors Audio RCA Connectors ETI Bullet Unbalance BRASS Br RCA Connector

ETI Bullet Unbalance BRASS Br RCA Connector
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ETI Bullet Unbalance BRASS Br RCA Connector

Price per Unit (set): SGD$66.00
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Number sets in packaging:4
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ETI Bullet Plugs - RCA Connector Patented design.

Single-point star ground eliminates eddy currents and reduces electron turbulence. Elegant geometry creates low mass conductors for reduced capacitive and inductive reactance, while high strength polymer parts minimise EMF, EFI and RFI influences.

Entry-level Bullet Plug where cost is an important consideration but performance is still required. The ETI BulletPlug represents a radical departure from conventional RCA designs.

The ETI BulletPlug is a minimalist design for maximum performance. Thickness, mass, materials and contact surface area have been optimised to maintain signal integrity better than any RCA connector on the market.

Specifically the traditional return / ground collar impairs electron flow through: Eddy current distortion - as electrons proceed to and from the RCA socket into the collar through multiple contact points the equivalent of electron turbulence occurs. Signal degradation results. Capacitive distortion - where gaps exist between the socket and collar. Micro-arcing distortion - an electrical short that can occur where gaps exist between the socket and collar.

RCA plugs are coaxial designs (metal return / ground surrounding signal pin) where an impedance effect is naturally occurring. Impedance has a varied and adverse impact on performance.

The ETI BulletPlug solves this with a return pin that makes single point contact with the side wall of an RCA socket - concentrating electrons to one point thereby reducing distortion. In our patented design, This is a similar approach to "star earthing (grounding)" used in amplifiers.

For ultra conductivity ETI also offers the BulletPlug in pure silver. Utilising the same patented RCA blueprint, the Silver ETI BulletPlug provides enhanced conductivity for what is arguably the absolute best level of performance available.

The quality of the RCA plug can have a disproportionate effect on the final performance of the system. This is easy to understand when two points are taken into consideration. The delicate nature of the tiny millivolt-level signals flowing through a system’s interconnect, digital, and video cables The number of times these signals cumulatively travel through RCA connectors (usually low-conductive ones) enroute to their destination


Conductor: Brass

Construction: High strength, temperature resistant, electrically inert polymer over-moulds and injection moulded parts

Impedance: determined by the cable Housings: ABS polymer (ID 9.25mm, total length 37.5mm)

Set of 4pcs.



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