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Musiclink was established in 1991 specialising in low to high end Audio, Video and accessories.

Our wide variety of products will appeal to anyone who loves music and would like to improve their equipment to achieve audio nirvana.

However, our experience was obtained during our years working for our family owned business under the company Nation Electronics (est. 1967) & Minilex Electrical Industry Pte Ltd (est. 1989). 

Musiclink is committed to distributing only quality products to quality dealers & distributors. Our product lines include components manufactured by renowned manufacturers in the high-end AV industry.

We serve as the bridge between the manufacturer and the dealer to bring products of the highest quality to the Consumer.



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Vintage HI-FI Collections (1)

Featured Products

WellFloat PRO Suspension Platform

SGD$1 400.00
SGD$1 200.00
You Save: SGD$200.00
WellFloat PRO Suspension Platform

The Wellfloat PRO works best for amplifiers, speakers, and components weighing more than 50 pounds. We highly recommend them for solid state and tube amps.

Ambiance Audio C7 15amp-C5 20amp Power adaptor

You Save: SGD$30.00
Ambiance Audio C7 15amp-C5 20amp Power adaptor

Ambiance Audio's 15amp C7 male IEC to 20amp C5 female IEC Power adaptor. Designed, Engineered and Made in USA.

HRT Stage USB DAC Audio System

SGD$2 650.00
SGD$2 200.00
You Save: SGD$450.00
HRT Stage USB DAC Audio System

The STAGE Speaker System is the companion to STAGE Control Center, and together they form a complete audio system of extraordinary fidelity

Hifi Rack Duet Speaker Stands

Call for Pricing
Hifi Rack Duet Speaker Stands

New arrival@Musiclink. Introducing Hifi Rack's Duet Speaker Stands. Handmade in England.

QED Audio Reference One Interconnect-1m pair

You Save: SGD$66.00
QED Audio Reference One Interconnect-1m pair

New arrival@ Muscling. Check out QED's Audio Reference 1 unbalanced interconnect.

PS AUDIO PerfectWave CD/DVD Transport

SGD$5 190.00
PS AUDIO PerfectWave CD/DVD Transport

On sale now@Musiclink. Introducing PS AUDIO PerfectWave CD/DVD transport.

Furutech GTX-D Duplex Gold USA Receptacle

You Save: SGD$25.00
Furutech GTX-D Duplex Gold USA Receptacle

GTX-D Furutech’s Top-Tier GTX Receptacles Refinement has a New Name… GTX-D(R) GTX-D(G)

PS Audio P5 Power Plant Regenertor

Call for Pricing
PS Audio P5 Power Plant Regenertor

Coming soon to Musiclink. Introducing PS Audio's P5 Power Plant regenerator.

Neutrik/Rean NYS228 1/4" Stereo Plug

Call for Pricing
Neutrik/Rean NYS228 1/4

Rean NYS228 1/4" Stereo Phone Plug Commercial 1/4" stereo plug features a turned brass handle with nickel plating, a larger-than-typical crimp cable clamp, and oversized solder tabs. •

Audioprism Foundation 0.5A

You Save: SGD$81.00
Audioprism Foundation 0.5A

Power Foundation is available in four different models to address any installation requirement. The .5 has six low contact resistance, industrial grade, Hubble outlets, a noise-free magnetic circuit breaker, surge protector.


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