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Ambiance Anti-Vibration Acoustic Platform
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Ambiance Anti-Vibration Acoustic Platform

Price per Unit (piece): SGD$499.00
Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:1
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"Elevate" your sound with Ambiance Vibration Isolation Platform.-MADE IN USA

Ambiance speaker isolation platform is a vibration platform used to float a device and reduce vibration from a surface, thus making sound tighter and fuller. Ambiance Speaker Isolation Platform is ideal for home theaters, studios, live music equipment, bass amp stand equipment, and other home, office, and studio devices that need stabilized.

Ambiance speaker isolation platform significantly reduce the vibrating, shaking, and resonating of small and large electronic and studio equipment at a fraction of the cost of other isolation products.

From small gadgets like speakers to large machines like washers dryers, Ambiance speaker isolation riser perfectly stabilizes and controls vibration for a quieter and calmer experience.

Use Ambiance isolation platform With: Bass Amp Stand and Guitar Amplifiers Subwoofers Audo &

Home Theater Speakers Stage Monitors Microphone Stands Home and Office Appliances

Ambiance isolation platform Advantages: Isolates vibration from a surface Reduces the shaking and resonating Makes sound tighter and more focused Earth-Friendly - made with recycled materials

Ambiance isolation platform Specs and Features: Size: 2' X 2' X 2.5" thick, 0.61 m. x 0.61 m. x 5.1 cm. thick Weight: 25 lbs. Sturdy and durable

Why Choose Ambiance Vibration Isolation platform? Ambiance is a small, dense sound isolation material designed to float devices that cause vibration, such as speakers, mics and sub-woofers. This portable solution is made from recycled materials safe for use in commercial or residential spaces.

Use Ambiance vibration isolation platform in the studio to support microphone stands and speakers, or in the home under televisions and game systems. Ambiance is strong enough for every job, big or small!

Because of its density, Ambiance can withstand a range of decives weights, from speakers and bass amps to air compressors and entertainment centers, while still being light enough for easy portability and use in different spaces. Ambiance can even be used as a separator to protect machines and equipment from moisture and dampness issues on concrete floors, such as basements and garages! Now your appliances are not only stable and secure, they’re also safe and dry!

Ambiance speaker isolation platform has been used in a variety of spaces to control the vibrating and resonating of countless machines and appliances, especially inside the studio! Pair Ambiance Isolation Platform as bass amp stands and speaker isolation pads with other rehearsal studio soundproofing products for a professional sound at an affordbale price! Stabilize your sound and space with Ambiance speaker isolation platform today!

Customer's comment after purchasing the Ambiance Platform

"Never heard my system as good as it sounds now. Smaller pieces under my main power conditioner made a dramatic improvements. As dramatic as under the Devialet & linear power supply for USB Regen

The Improvements

1. Devialet and linear power supply gave dramatic improvement to a fuller sound

2. Under the two REL subs: Cleaner sound, allowed the sub level to be increased by 2 notches & and the crossover up one notch.

3. Under my main power conditioner: Another dramatic change. As big as under the Devialet. The sound is now fuller still, notes are shaped beautifully, the decay of notes just seems to go on forever if the recording has it. Applause is so real. Every hand clap is distinct, not just a wash of sound you get in poorly set-up systems.

4. Under my main speakers: The musical flow showed further improvement. No sense of sound coming from speakers. Instead music is freed from the speakers.

So good returns from a relatively small investment.-Yoga from Singapore


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