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Home Electronics Power Supply Unit-PSU Pangea Audio P-100 - High Performance Power Supply

Pangea Audio P-100 - High Performance Power Supply
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Pangea Audio P-100 - High Performance Power Supply

Price per Unit (piece): SGD$199.00
You Save: SGD$43.00
Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:12
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Highly-regulated and filtered low-noise AC power supply Compatible with Cambridge Audio DacMagic, Cambridge Audio 540P and 640P phono stages, Musical Fidelity V-Series components (including V-Series II), & older Musical Fidelity X-Series - but not X-Series V3 All needed cables are included (see below) Noise- and vibration-resistant compact steel chassis Power On/Off switch Front Panel LED light 220V/240V compatibility Everything You Need Is Included P-100 Regulated Power Supply UK and Schuko IEC-style power cables 12VAC power output cable for Cambridge Audio DacMagic (also works with 540P and 640P phono stages and the older Musical Fidelity X-Series with the round face) (1.0M long) 12VDC power output cable for Musical Fidelity V-Series components (including V-Series II) (1.0M long) Instruction sheet. "If you own one of the Cambridge Audio or Musical Fidelity models listed about, then I suggest that US$99.99(US version) or US$119.00(EU version) for a Pangea P-100 is the best hundred bucks you could spend." "Compared to the wall wart supplied with the V-series gear, the Pangea kicked up the performance of the Musical Fidelity V-DAC MkII a notch. Or two. Or three. Who knows how many notches?" "Seriously. Dynamics improved. The little V-DAC MkII sounded bigger. Da. It sounded like a DAC with a big power supply. The noise floor was lower. Low-level details became more apparent, more clearly delineated." "The Pangea Audio P-100 is for those who want to wrest the very best form their budget gear." - Sam Tellig, Stereophile, February 2012

Well worth the money I bought the P-100 expecting some improvement, as per Sam Tellig’s review, but I am dumbfounded at the overall improvement in the coherence and clarity of the music coming out of the DacMagic. This is one tweak that is well worth the money! - Guy W, GA well worth the money used with mf v-can..from top to bottom improved so did low level resolution..found new details in recordings thought i knew inside and out - Tony S, GA Unbelievable Completely changes my MF VDAC. New warmth, depth, definition, and punch. Read the reviews; its all true. Now, if I could only get a connection for my Arcam rDAC Ill never ask for another thing...except maybe to make wall warts illegal. - Barry S, WA Dont miss out Paired with the DacMagic, this is a great deal. I thought the complaints were on the DacMagic lights being too bright...not so. Hide the power unit or make it part of you listening room ambiance. I like it. I am a big believer in great power supplies but luckily dont have golden ears. Get the power supply as part of the deal package. - Phil D, MD A Tweak That Works The DacMagic by itself is an awesome product. I hooked it up in my office with a pair of Def Tech Studio Monitor 350s and and a Supercube III sub. I have had systems costing ten times as much but the level of detail is beyond compare. The Pangea power supply just releases this remarkable product from its restraints. The bass is so much better defined. I was skeptical, but this product is a must for those owning a DacMagic. The improvement on an already great product is unbelievable. Buy one! - William S, IL Outstanding Product Paired with the V-LPS unbelieveable, superb, I would not have believed the improvement in the bass, but it is more than that. Improved in every way. My highest recommendation! - Timothy V, CO Nicely Built & Robust First impression was a nice solid unit, fit and finish are very good and really cool black! Im using a new .6 mtr of Pangea AC-14se so theres no way to hear an improvement in my system until after burn in, but I expect great things! My DacMagic is fed via fiber from Krell KAV-280cd player...As always AA rocks!! - CRAIG AHRENS, UT Great Little Black Box!! I am using this P-100 with my Cambridge DAC magic, and it never sounded better!! Highley Reccomended. The only draw back is the front pannel LED is very bright. - Don D, NY Linear Regulated awesomeness! I got the DacMagic a last year to bypass my processors dacs and the magic made a huge difference in detail and soundstaging. I just got the P100 and all I have to say is that 16/44.1 sources have taken another leap forward in sound quality. I agree with the other two reviewers and just want to add that this little guy has nailed the bass. I have 10in woofers in my main speakers and a 10 sub and the bass has come into tight/fast focus, while remaining deep. If you have a dacMagic, you have to get this. The LED is way too bright as another reviewer said, but I just covered it with a little piece of blue electrical tape and all is good in stereo world. - Josh K, IL The Pangea P100 along with the Dacmagic. I use my Dacmagic in my headphone set-up. I received the Pangea P100 not too long ago and gave it over 50 hours of burn-in. After doing a lot of listening I found that the P-100 added more detail and better definition to instruments & sound fx as well as better imaging. I listened carefully and found a deeper soundstage too. The differences were noticeable but not dramatic. I didnt have one of those a veil was lifted kind of differences. Overall Im enjoying my Dacmagic more because of the P100 and plan to keep both together. - JD D, NY


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