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Home Home Theater Products Blu-Ray Players Audiocom Upgraded BDP-103D Reference Blu-Ray Player

Audiocom Upgraded BDP-103D Reference Blu-Ray Player
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Audiocom Upgraded BDP-103D Reference Blu-Ray Player

Price per Unit (piece): SGD$3 200.00
Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:2
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The OPPO BDP-103D Audiocom Reference player is a premium multi-format Blu-ray player that delivers exceptional performance from video, digital audio (input and HDMI + Optical and coaxial outputs) and analogue audio. The Audiocom edition differs significantly from the OPPO BDP-103D by using a custom linear power supply, multiple regulated power supplies, it utilizes internal AC purification, incorporates a very low jitter clock system, with circuitry housed in a quiet mechanical and electrical environment. It benefits from a custom linear power supply which uses a multiple array of low ESR capacitors to reduce power supply impedance (ESR) several times that of conventional large, low ESR capacitors. A massive toroidal transformer with 3 separate windings provide independent power supplies for video and analogue circuitry. High quality regulators bypassed with OSCON capacitors provide clean power to the main board. In a similar way that clock jitter causes errors in sound, it also causes data related errors in video. There are as many as 4 clocks used inside the OPPO players, the most important of these is the clock for the main core processor. Here we have adopted a new 140 Femtosecond jitter clock (frequency measurement 100 Hz to 100 KHz) with +/- 0.5ppm stability, the most accurate main processor clock in any universal Blu-ray player. With this new clock video has an unprecedented level three-dimensional depth, definition and realism. Similarly audio is more coherent, with a greater presence and a more three dimensional space. RFI/EMI noise is shielded from sensitive audio and video components by employing a material with an inner structure that dissipates RFI/EMI radiation inside the player and shields the player from external sources of interference. Conventional types of damping have been discarded in preference for a material which targets specific frequencies of noise across a wide bandwidth. Energy we want to keep is not dampened, but unwanted energy is absorbed and dispersed as heat. Audiocom 103D Darbee Reference Edition The Audiocom 103D Reference edition includes ■ New custom linear power supply with multiple low noise regulated power supplies for video and audio circuitry. ■ Vastly improved, error and jitter free data processing thanks to a low jitter clock, less than 140 Femtosecond for main processor. ■ New high quality Gold IEC inlet with UP-OCC internal wiring to power supply. ■ New audio grade Cryofuse, non-magnetic, anti-resonance. ■ Improved chassis structure to control disc transport and component resonance. ■ New RFI/EMI shielding to control stray internal and external interference. ■ Multi-Zone Blu-ray & Region Free DVD. ■ 2-Year Audiocom warranty. ■ Upgraded in England. ■ Please contact MUSICLINK for promo pricing.


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