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Home Demo/Clearance/Last New Piece AudioZone Amp-1 Integrated Amplifier from Canada

AudioZone Amp-1 Integrated Amplifier from Canada
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AudioZone Amp-1 Integrated Amplifier from Canada

Price per Unit (piece): SGD$2 599.00
SGD$2 399.00
You Save: SGD$200.00
Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:6
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Audio Zone Amp -1

Product Information 45W average output power into 8 ohms 100W instantaneous peak output power

Gain: 30dB

input impedance: 10k

Signal to Noise Ratio: 95dB (min)

Gold plated 5-way speaker posts

31 step left and right volume control

Uses only the highest quality capacitors and resistors

Output protection against inductive loads

Brass feet and aluminum volume control knobs

Point to point hand-wired circuit

Precision machined anodized aluminum case to maximize structural integrity

Plitron transformers power supply

RCA gold plated input jacks

Origin: Made in Canada

Reviews from the Audio Press

"I was overwhelmed by the openness, transparency, immediacy, and musicality of this diminutive amp. In many ways, it has provided the best sound I've experienced to date in my system, and for a very reasonable price. I've never before felt myself get so drawn into the music. The Amp-1's qualities have become so addictive that I can no longer bear taking it out of my system, even to do comparisons."

Positive Feedback - Amp-1 "The sound was effortless. The instrumental separation was superb ably revealing the complex yet rhythmically accessible production."

Hi-Fi World June 2006 (PDF) "I'm seriously thinking of buying the preamp, as funds permit of course, then eventually spring for the monos. To date, that's the best I've heard, tube or SS" Six Moons Blue Moon Award "Despite their diminutive size these amps can deliver a solid and fruity bass when fed an appropriately phat signal."

hi-fi + Review of Pre-T1 preamp (PDF) "This absurdly small two-box integrated amp from Canada is attracting a cult following and, listening to it, it's easy to understand why. Makes other amps sound murky and sluggish."

Hi-Fi Choice Review "For this music-lover, the Audio Zone AMP-2 and PRE-T1 relay the sheer joie de vivre inherent in music and provide a conduit to pure, unadulterated pleasure. These are the finest and ultimately, the most enjoyable amplification components I have yet heard. They make everything else sound slightly lethargic and cluttered. In fact, these beauties aren't going anywhere - I'm buying them as my new reference electronics."

Six Moons Review Pre-T1 and Amp-2 Customer Reviews Like many people in this hobby, I have had countless pieces of equipment in my two-channel reference system. My goal the past year had been to find great sounding equipment that is also a good value. At my peak, I had over $25,000 in my system. I now have less than $8,000. I have had CJ, Rowland, Krell, GamuT, and the Audio Note amps, preamps, integrated. The GamuT amp/preamp retails for almost $9,000. When I read the review of the Audio Zone integrated on 6Moons, I immediately called George. When it arrived I was floored. I like if better than anything I have owned by a fair margin. With my New Audio Frontiers speakers, the sound was powerful and delicate at the same time. The magic that I like in tube gear, with the speed and punch of solid state. It is small, runs cool, sounds great and is an incredible bargain. This little integrated is not just “a good amp for the money”, it is the best single piece of equipment I have discovered in 20 years of this hobby. Thanks, Brian With the exception of the delay in customs, the purchase of my Amp 2 and Pre 1 has been a wonderful experience. This is the “best” set up I have had in my home ever. I have had the pleasure of owning over 18 amplifiers and the speed, delicacy and the overall palpability, gives this amp the sonic signature of a great SET mixed with a great solid state low end. The virtues of both without the drawbacks of either. I thought I would miss the glow of my tubes, but the sound of this amp does not justify their return to my room.

GREAT PRODUCT. Miles C. I acquired the Audio Zone Amp 1 to use in my home recording studio — mainly to listen to music, and occasionally mix my own original recordings. The Omega Grande 8 R’s were beneficial for hearing the details of reverb, echo, etc. Originally the first amp used was an Odyssey Stratos. The amp was powerful but sounded very thin at the low gain level that the efficient Omega’s used. I believe it was not into its proper working load range with the efficiency of the Fostex drivers. I then replaced it with a Consonance Cyber 10, which is a SE tube amp, triode 7 watts or switch to 12 watts ultralinear. The speakers sounded much more linear at listening volume. There were still some areas of concern: with the Fostex drivers there were still artifacts that I assumed were whizzer cone related and less low-mid bass for the type of jazz I listen to. I was also using a little help from a subwoofer. When I installed the Audio Zone, the amp made a remarkable improvement in the total sound, even immediately after connection. The artifacts in the mids disappeared and the bass seemed to be much tighter and considerably fuller. The qualities that I associated with tubes — smoothness and warm sound were not lost. Every aspect was silky texture of highs, much tighter control of busy passages, and overall made the speakers have deeper sound stage. With the 45 watts, it was very linear at low gain. Easy to set the range with the Omegas and has a good scaling on the volume for less efficient speakers. The potentiometers are very good in the pre stage. Also dead quiet. Currently the amp is driving a pair of very extended-range studio monitors — SLS S8R’s that are 90 dB efficiency. They are a good two-way speaker with Seas 8” crossed with a planar ribbon tweeter at 2.2 kHz in a 1 cu ft box. The lows are so good that there is no sub in my studio with them at all. The highs are pure liquid. The Omegas are wonderful for classical and acoustic instruments and low to mid listening levels. The SLS are wider range extension low and high and are capable of reproducing electronic music, low bass such as upright and tight kick drum etc all at any volume. They are true studio monitors — 42hz - 20kHz less than 2dB variance. Peter, this is by far the best amp I have ever heard in my life. Nothing really comes close. The lows have very tight attack and decay. The mids for vocals, piano, strings, horns are very believable and the highs are absolutely free of any grain or frizz. It is simply stunning. I have had old SA Series Pioneer, NAD, Rotel, Carver, Classe, Muse, Odyssey, Onkyo Integra, Consonance, borrowed a Plinius SA100 (close in bass and mids but the highs were not as silky smooth) Extended listening on friend’s Levinson. The only amp that was similar in speed and control was Linn monoblocks ($12,000) in a very nice demo system ($60,000) which is beyond my wildest dreams of budget. I have not been exposed to many high-end tube amps — have experienced Sonic Frontiers, Quicksilver. Very nice but not in the same league of smoothness as the Audio Zone. I played music 6 nights a week for 11 years, up to the point that I got married. I am very familiar with the sound of real instruments and I am a keyboard player. Now that I record and write music (last 10 years), I have begun to pay more attention to recording quality and the engineering. The ability to hear instruments presented so distinctly from each other and the depth of the soundstage and the width is incredible. There is nothing like Audio Zone I have heard (particularly in its price range) and it possesses the qualities of speed, slam and smoothness that I have been searching for. Billy McKendree Norfolk, Virginia USA Positive Feedback


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