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Home Powerline Products PW Cables-Factory Terminated AC PowerCables PANGEA AUDIO AC-9 HI-CURRENT POWERCORD-2.0M/each

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Price per Unit (piece): SGD$450.00
You Save: SGD$271.00

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Specifically Designed for High-Current Components Pangea Audio's AC-9 power cable has been designed specifically to deliver the high current needed by mono, stereo, and integrated power amplifiers. It's also ideal for powered subwoofers and makes a great choice for use with high-current-demanding line conditioners. Its combination of superior materials, advanced geometry, and noise-fighting shielding enhances the performance of connected components. Because of their high-current requirements, power amps benefit from heavier gauge conductors than normal power cords offer. Although the AC-9 uses large-diameter conductors, it requires less shielding than power cables that are designed for use with source components. Therefore, the AC-9 offers greater flexibility than other heavy-duty power cables. That makes it kinder to your gear and easier to work with. "You Don’t Always Have to Pay a Lot to Get a Lot" "The AC-9 is a perfect example of the adage that you don’t always have to pay a lot to get a lot, notes Sean Fowler in his April 13, 2010 review for "As I listen to the AC-9, I struggle to think of a time when I heard any other affordable power cord deliver such a natural presentation without committing some kind of damning caveat." Superior Noise Rejection The AC-9 boasts 99.99% purity OFC copper conductors for maximum conductivity. Its 7-awg construction facilitates high-current power delivery, while its five-way multi-gauge geometry optimizes 50/60 Hz AC power. Counter-spiraled conductors offer superior noise rejection. Double-shielded provides high-current noise isolation. Special two-shot molded connector bodies protect vital AC connections for maximum current delivery and long life, while 24k gold-plated contacts provide superior electrical contact. Pangea Audio Power Cables Pangea Audio power cables offer the perfect balance of power, shielding, and flexibility for audiophile components. These cables have been designed, not from the AC wall outlet to the component, but the other way around – from the component to the wall outlet. The result is a cable that not only fully satisfies the 'real power requirements' of audiophile components, but which also delivers improved performance for both power and component isolation. Pangea's 'component to the wall outlet' design results in a better cable that's designed just for the component you want to power. The cable gives you precisely what you need - no more and definitely no less. When More Is Sometimes Actually Less Until now, all upgrade power cables have been designed according to a 'more is better' philosophy, leading manufacturers to increase the diameter of the conductor and the thickness of the insulation in an attempt to improve performance, but at the expense of flexibility. The resulting thick, noncompliant cables put a severe strain on the chassis of connected components. Heavy, inflexible cables can also reduce the effectiveness of component isolation and suspension systems. Because power amps do benefit from heavier gauge conductors, the AC-9 is thicker than its smaller sibling, the AC-14. However, it is only as thick as it needs to be for maximum performance, and it is still more flexible than competitive cords. Special Update: For a full year we've been bragging that the AC-9 was a hefty nine-gauge cable. But we just learned that due to a clerical error this fact is incorrect. The AC-9 isn't, in fact, a nine-gauge cable. It's actually a seven-gauge cable, which means it's even heftier than the nine-gauge! (The lower the gauge, the thicker the cable.) This explains why our customers have been so wildly enthusiastic about the sound of AC-9. This difference is especially noticeable in the bass, where the AC-9 outperforms every cable we're heard under $200, and most cables under $500.


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