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Audioprism Foundation 0.5A
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Audioprism Foundation 0.5A

Price per Unit (piece): SGD$480.00
You Save: SGD$81.00
Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:2
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Power Foundation is available in four different models to address any installation requirement. The .5 has six low contact resistance, industrial grade, Hubble outlets, a noise-free magnetic circuit breaker, surge protector and a detachable four foot Foundation HC High Current Power Cord. All outlets provide Quietline filtration. Reduces noise from TVs, microwave ovens, computers, power tools and other household electrical noise sources. Features include high current capacity with resetable circuit breaker and detachable 9 foot 14 gauge power cord. The Quietline Noise Reduction System, another AudioPrism innovation, passively shunts noise commonly found "riding" on power lines throughout your listening environment. Now included in the AudioPrism power product family is the Power Foundation Series of centralized power distribution and filtration components. The Power Foundation features technology found in both the ACFX and the Quietline Noise Reduction System, with an entirely new industrial design that enables every component in your system to benefit from power line noise reduction. Product Reviews: "Clarity dynamics, imaging, and apparent power all improved substantially, so much so I deemed the Foundation III "essential component" and mailed AudioPrism a check." - Barry Willis, Stereophile Magazine December 1998, Vol. 2 1, No 12 "I haven't tested everything available, but the Foundation line condition with multiple outlets from AudioPrism does a great job of reducing grain and solidifying the overall picture. It was beautiful the way detail was brought out of denser, deeper colors." - Bound For Sound May, 1998


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