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Home Powerline Products PW Cables-Factory Terminated AC PowerCables PS Audio AC5 10 Gauge Crystal Copper Powercord

PS Audio AC5 10 Gauge Crystal Copper Powercord
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PS Audio AC5 10 Gauge Crystal Copper Powercord

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PerfectWave AC5 Our best value PerfectWave

Getting the power from the wall receptacle to your equipment is a critical link that is often times overlooked.

The AC5 is our second best power cable providing a low noise, low impedance path for the AC power to connect your equipment to either a Power Plant AC Regenerator or the wall outlet in your home. Improvements to both audio and video performance are dramatic.

The PerfectWave AC5 is the best value power cable we've made in the last decade. The AC5 is a 10 gauge cable constructed with pure Linear Crystal Copper in multiple gauges and shapes.

Inside the AC5 is one LCC hollow conductor for the treble region, a large LCC rectangular conductor for the midrange and multiple gauges of LCC bundled together for the bass. Equipment powered with an AC5 enjoy a significant improvement in sound quality over any stock power cable.

PS Audio PerfectWave AC3 & AC5 Power Cable Review By: Adam LaBarge, August 18, 2010

"I really liked the AC5 power cable to power amplifiers and pre-amplifiers. Its ability to increase detail, dynamics, and present most male vocals a just a slight bit more forward than the accompanying music has won my ear and recommendation."

PS Audio AC-5 & AC-12 By: Paul Candy, July 2011

"Suffice to say, PS Audio's AC-5 and AC-12 power cables should enhance your system's performance well beyond what their modest asking price would suggest. This is what I've come to expect from Paul McGowan and company. Recommended."


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