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Home Sale & Promotions ETI TOPPER Resonance Control Blocks

ETI TOPPER Resonance Control Blocks
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ETI TOPPER Resonance Control Blocks

Price per Unit (piece): SGD$180.00
You Save: SGD$32.00
Number pieces in packaging:6
Number pieces in box:24
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Topper ! A unique invention that controls resonance on the surface of components and speakers.

Solving the resonance problem Internal resonance together with external sound waves can adversely affect low-level signals running through every capacitor, resistor, transistor or tube within a component.

Your loudspeaker system also suffers from vibration due to mechanical energy from the drivers and sound pressure waves within the enclosure itself. A consequence of resonance is often masking of detail, coloration, smearing of sound and reduced sound stage.

The Topper controls resonance by preventing the accumulation of standing waves, attenuating standing waves and disrupting the transference of resonance to component areas that may be adversely affected.

The result is:

Cleaner, more focused sound

Reduced upper bass haze and overhang

Increased low level detail

Improved sound stage

Application Audio and video components including CD/DVD Players, Digital Converters and Processors, Amplifiers, Tuners, Loudspeakers etc.

The Topper will also attenuate resonance on the surface of furniture and windowpanes within the listening environment.


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