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OS Presentation & Home Theatre Screens from Japan
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OS Presentation & Home Theatre Screens from Japan

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>Why OS Why OS There are many screen manufacturers in the world. Why choose OS? The tie-up with projector manufacturers The majority of the projector manufacturers are Japanese (except for DLP projectors in Taiwan). OS has the history of over 50 years, and has been developing the deep relationship with the majority of projector manufacturers.. Tie-up on sales OS is buying a lot of equipment including projectors from other manufacturers in Japan, so to supply the AV systems to the Japanese markets. So are the projector manufacturers. Through these deals, we are closely associated with the projector manufacturers. Tie-up in OEM OS is supplying screens to several projector manufactures under OEM brands. Through these deals, we had throughout discussions with the projector engineers, and tried to cope with their requests. Through such process, OS quality is improved. Tie-up in exhibitions We are supplying screens for the projector manufacturers to be displayed in exhibitions, new product launches, seminars, etc. Sometimes they bundle our screens to promote their projectors. Tie-up in R&D We had chances to meet with the R&D people to check their latest projectors before introducing to the market. They wanted to check their projectors with our screen, which gained the high reputation. During such opportunities, we had a lot of chances to talk with these R&D people about the performance of projectors and screens. In the R&D laboratories of many projector manufacturers, OSscreen is being used as the reference screen.  Thus, the tie-ups with projector manufacturers gave us the chance to think about the screens which they really need. What are the problems with the projectors, what are their defects, how the screen should be, how the screen need to be changed…. The information indeed gave OS many hints to develop the new screens. We can definitely say our screens are evaluated well among the projector manufacturers in Japan. The collaboration is not limited to in Japan only. The projects are going under way similarly in Asia and Europe, where all exhibitions and sales promotions are carried out with the deep cooperation with the projector branch offices and their distributors. Many patents and know-how’s fostered by history We have more than 50 years’ history. During these years, many innovations and improvements have been taken place, which resulted in various patents and know-how’s. One of the shining examples is the “ball-stop & soft-wind” mechanism. The majority of manual screens in the world is adopting the “Cam-lock” system. This is the mechanism to stop the screen by the axis of rotator, called “cam”. However, it totally depends on the angles of this axis, so it was very difficult to stop the screen at your desired point. OS’s “ball-stop” mechanism solved this trouble. It can stop at almost any place by the max 5°angles . Furthermore, if you release the screen for roll-up, majority of the screens shoot right up by the power of spring and sometimes hit the cases. This is not only unpleasant, but will also damage the surface of the screen. OS’s “soft-wind” mechanism rolls up the screen gradually and slowly, as like the motorized screen, and stops before hitting the case, thus the surface never gets damaged. Some screen manufacturers have the similar roll-up mechanisms, but it is only OS which has the “ball-stop & soft-wind” mechanism together. This mechanism, once used, you can never go back to the “cam-lock” system. Because of this patent, OS monopolized the screens in the education market of Japan. OS has many unique patents and designs, which proved very reliable, and thus are widely accepted in the world. Ball-stop mechanism (Left:For large-scale screen. Right:For small screen ) Soft-wind mechanism (Left:For large-scale screen. Right:For small screen ) The design of the fabric to match the projectors As mentioned, OS has been developing screens with the collaboration with the various projector manufacturers. As from the year 2000, the CRT projector which used to be the main item in the home cinema market, was replaced by LCD and DLP projectors. The day has come when you can enjoy the hometheater at cheaper prices. However, if you look at the market, the screens which were popular among the days of CRT projector were still very popular. OS was fully realizing this fact, and started to develop the new “white-mat” fabric, in the time when everybody was wanting for “high-gain” or “gray” screens. The “Puremat” came in. This is the material which was developed for the future projector changes – high brightness & contrast. The gain of the fabric is kept as 0.8 and diffusion made much wider than the white mat, with the use of “full-dull” fabric. Furthermore the fabric was randomly woven in order to prevent the “moiré” which is inevitable with the widely used LCD projectors. Also a special technology was developed to paint the back side of the screen dark, as the woven texture lets the light go through, reducing the contrast on the surface. As this is the woven fabric, not using PVC which is the mainstream in screen manufactures, it obtained the reputation as the most environmental screen fabric Puremat is the developed form of white mat, and almost near the “perfect”. It is highly praised for its excellent performance, and highly reputed among AV specialists from the visual point of view as well. This is the “reference screen “ever made in Japan, was the highest comment we received. Pure mat’s real potential is proved by the improvements of projector technology, and is the most qualified screen fabric for the “HD” projection age. Earth-friendly Screens The global warming is threatening the earth. Not only the developed countries, but all nations need to cooperate in order to solve this problem. In some countries like Europe and Japan, various legal restrictions are carried out in order to enforce the solutions. RoHS is one of them. All electronics products which do not meet RoHS regulations are banned in Europe. The intention is to eliminate the hazardous compounds e.g. lead, condominium, mercury, etc. in order to make the earth and human body free from contamination. All Japanese electronics companies are now forcing to the suppliers and sub-contractors to ensure their products are RoHS free. As we work closely with projector manufacturers, OS took up this task and successfully produced the screens free from RoHs regulations. In Japan, the new restriction VOC was enforced to all industries, to cope with the “sick-house” syndrome. Many students who went to the newly-built schools were sick due to the smell of the paint, etc. This is called “sick-house” syndrome. OS, as the major player in the educational market, also took up this subject and marketing products which cope with the VOC regulations. OS will always positively and aggressively develop the products which are earth-friendly, and good for recycling from now onward.

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