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Home Powerline Products Conditioners-US Clef-Audio PowerBridge std 6-WAY Power Conditioner

Clef-Audio PowerBridge std 6-WAY Power Conditioner
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Clef-Audio PowerBridge std 6-WAY Power Conditioner

Price per Unit (piece): SGD$399.00
You Save: SGD$100.00
Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:6
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Clef Audio's PowerBridge is the perfect solution for those who require a cost effective way to remove mains noise and distribute power efficiency. Although designed to be affordable, our core values have not been compromised. Our products feature surge protection and our proprietary polaris filter and ZX filter technology, reducing products talking to each other via the main supply. The unit is simple to install, LED indicators illuminate when phase, ground of your AC line input are OK and when the Powerbridge is powered. A dedicated ground post allows for grounding of sensitive electronics within the system. For those who seek increased performance or would later upgrade, the PowerBridge design is flexible to use with high end quality receptacles like Furutech's RHODIUM receptacles.

Remarks: All our products are rated 230vac for Singapore usage! Product SOLD in other country are 220vac and not mend for Singapore market. For example our Cleanline & Puresine are equipped with a specially ordered chip to handle power surges up to 260vac while those sold in domestic Thailand is rated to handle up to 240vac. Models like Cleanline & Puresine will fail when voltages hit above 240vac. Our stocks are also ordered with tropicalization treatment on the circuit boards to cater to our local high humidity requirements. Original products found in Thailand differs from ours which is untreated. Please google tropicalization of electronics or speakers to read more able this subject.


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