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Home Disc Cleaners & Treatments LAT International Once-&-Done Mold Separator Remover

LAT International Once-&-Done Mold Separator Remover
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LAT International Once-&-Done Mold Separator Remover

Price per Unit (piece): SGD$32.00
Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:12
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Once-and-Done A Mold Separator Remover for CD,DVD,HD-DVD, and Blu-Ray When discs are manufactured, a step in the process involves placing mold release, a waxy substance on the mold before placing the blank disk on the mold. This is done to prevent the disk from sticking to the mold after it has been formed and ready to be removed. The disk makers, however, do not remove the mold release substance. It is on the disk you buy and remains there. Disk cleaners formulated for everyday cleaning of disks do not remove this waxy substance and it adversely affects the clarity of the play-back. Our Once-and-Done is formulated to remove it completely. It need be done only once to a disk. For periodic cleaning after removal of the waxy substance when dirt, dust and skin oils get on your disks we recommend you use a good disk cleaner such as our Clean-Disk for this purpose. The removal of the mold release substance, provides for a very noticeable improvement in play-back performance.

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