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Home Digital USB DAC Northstar Essensio+ 32BIT USB DAC

Northstar Essensio+ 32BIT USB DAC

Northstar Essensio+ 32BIT USB DAC

Price per Unit (piece): SGD$2 899.00
SGD$2 599.00
You Save: SGD$300.00
Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:2
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The Essensio Plus 192kHz - 32 bit USB dac will be the heart of your digital system. Five S/PDIF digital inputs on coaxial and TOSLINK connectors and an high speed (480Mbit/s) asynchronous USB input that accept digital stream until 192kHz-32bitis all you need to connect any exsisting digital media in your hi-fi system. But the Essensio Plus is more; a multifunction control knob allows input selection and fine volume setting for line analog and headphone output. The headphone is driven by dedicated high current amplifier. A complete set up menu configure your unit for a perfect matching with any amplification system. MADE IN ITALY.

Important Manufacturer's Remarks: Please take note all Northstar products destine for South East Asian countries are TROPICALIZE to handle the high humidity weather in this countries. Products manufactured for European countries are not treated (tropicalize) and should not be use in this region. All Northstar products destine for each individual Tropical country are coded with a special code for warranty purpose. Any units purchased from European retailers or countries that are not supposed to export its stocks will void warranty and Northstar and its distributors reserved its rights not to repair the said faulty product if it is not purchased from its appointed exclusive distributor!



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