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HRT MicroStreamer USB DAC
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HRT MicroStreamer USB DAC

Price per Unit (piece): SGD$360.00
You Save: SGD$91.00

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Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and light enough to carry in a shirt pocket, the microSreamer was designed with portability in mind. The microStreamer is a USB connected and powered, ultra high-performance external sound card for computers, tablets, smart-phones or any compliant host. Dual purpose built, it incorporates both a high–performance headphone amplifier with an analog volume control that allows you to connect the microStreamer between your computer and headphones; and a fixed-level, low impedance 2.25V line output that allows you to connect between your computer and home stereo, other entertainment system or to powered loudspeakers. Housed in an aluminum enclosure precision-machined from solid billets, the durable and beautiful microStreamer is modern, sleek and compact. It is simple to use and provides a level of improvement in sound quality that must be heard to be believed. To improve your computers’ sound quality, the microStreamer takes over the job of processing the digital music stream from the computer - a task critical for producing great sound. Do not be fooled by its modest cost or small size: the microStreamer’s ability to transform the sound of your computer, smart phone or tablet’s music files or streaming audio into a state of the art musical experience will make a believer out of even the most critical listener. As with other HRT products, the set up and operation of the microStreamer is super easy: simply use the included USB cable and hook the input of the microStreamer into any USB port on the host computer, smart phone or tablet and select it as the default outpost device. Now you are ready to experience your music with the best sound possible. Operating jitter-free via the use of its high-performance asynchronous USB transceiver, the microStreamer, when plugged in, automatically performs an ‘electronic handshake’ with the computer or other host and tells it that the microStreamer is to get all audio signals sent to it instead of the Digital-to-Analog converter (DAC) that is built into the computer, and that‘s it! To enjoy the music in your home entertainment system optimally, connect the microStreamer’s fixed output jack* to any available line-level analog input on your integrated amplifier, preamp, receiver, or powered loudspeakers. Alternatively, connect your favorite headphones to microstreamer’s variable output port. Volume control of microStreamer’s OCL (output capacitor-less) headphone amplifier is accomplished by using the digital ‘slide’ control on the host computer’s music playback software to adjust microStreamers’s internal analog volume attenuator. This clever analogue attenuation arrangement allows the full audio quality of the microStreamer to remain pure, clean and full-ranged, avoiding the known sonic degradation of digital attenuators. With its jitter-free asynchronous interface, combined with processing power that allows native-resolution (no up-sampling) playback of digital music data up to a maximum of 24-bit/96k material, the microStreamer will transform your computer, tablet, or Smartphone into a better-than-CD quality source. Utilizing native Audio Class 1.0 drivers (present in all modern PC, Mac & Linux computers) there are no extra drivers or software to install. LED indicators on the side of the microStreamer’s aluminum housing show the current sample rate (32k, 44k1, 48k, 88k2 & 96k), as well as the state of its built-in mute circuit; you will always know at a glance your systems operating mode. As with other HRT products, as firmware improvements become available, HRT's UpStream utility allows the microStreamer to be updated right from the computer's desktop in a matter of seconds. The High Resolution Technologies microStreamer, along with all the other products in the HRT lineup, is designed and manufactured with pride in Southern California. • 1/8” male (3.5 mm) stereo male plug.

Compact and portable. Asynchronous Mode Operation eliminates timing errors (jitter). USB Powered 24 Bit operation. Plug and play using standard audio class 1.0 Drivers. Supports 32k, 44k1, 48k, 88k2 & 96K sample rates. Line level 1/8th inch stereo output. 1/8th inch variable output headphone jack. Digitally activated analog volume control of headphone output.. Endplate LED lights identify sample rate. Upstream Utility for fast firmware upgrades. Designed and manufactured in Southern California.

Full Scale Output 2.25 V RMS (line), 1.4V (headphone) Output Impedance 50 Ohm (line), .5 Ohm (headphone) Frequency Response (20 Hz/20 kHz) +0db / -.4dB Output Power up to 140 mW (headphone) Noise Floor (DC to 30 kHz) 18 uV RMS S/N Ratio (DC to 30 kHz) 102 dB S/N Ratio (A-weighted) 105 dB THD+N (1 kHz Full Scale) .002% (line), .008% (headphone) THD+N (1 kHz -20dB) .0006% (line) Jitter contribution (DC to 30 kHz) >130 dB below full scale Attenuator range line fixed, 63 steps (headphone) Sample Rate up to 96 kHz Bit Depth up to 24 bit USB transfer protocol asynchronous Power Requirements (USB Buss) 150 mA Dimensions 2.5" x 1.2" x 0.4"

Free Audioplus A-mini B USB cable valued@ $99.00/1.0m each.


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