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Home Connectors Speaker banana Connectors ETI Bayonet Cu Tellurium Copper Banana Connectors

ETI Bayonet Cu Tellurium Copper Banana Connectors
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ETI Bayonet Cu Tellurium Copper Banana Connectors

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Number sets in packaging:4
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The Eichmann Bayonet Banana Plug - the best banana connector for optimising the performance of your speaker cables. Unplated fine Silver (99.99%) or Tellurium Copper only. No Brass, no Nickel. Clean, unrestrained conductivity for the purest listening experience. Elegant geometry creates a low mass conductor for reduced capacitive & inductive reactance, while high strength polymer parts minimise EMF, EFI & RFI influences. Low mass for reduced capacitive& inductive reactance. A locking mechanism that is independent of the & the perfect single point of contact for transfer of an intact audio signal. The ETI Bayonet Plug is an elegant solution providing a faster, cleaner signal of high purity and detail. First, ETI use a conductive pin of ideal thickness and mass to minimise skin effect problems. The locking mechanism is positive and secure but a separate (and dedicated) part of the design that leaves no room for sonic degradation. Other manufacturers incorporate the signal conductor into the locking system. Immediately sonic performance of competitor connectors is compromised. The conductor pin is machined from either Tellurium Copper (over 90% IACS) or pure Silver (106% IACS) to ensure maximum conductivity. This provides up to 320% greater conductivity than Gold plated brass plugs, resulting in enhanced electron flow, improved signal integrity and higher resolution. Competitor designs, even expensive ‘high-end’ ones, use a composite consisting of brass or Phosphor bronze as the main conductor (at 28% the conductivity of Copper) with Nickel and Gold over plating. These metals can be unacceptably detrimental. The ETI Bayonet Plug, like the ETI BulletPlug utilises Gold flashed Tellurium Copper or pure Silver for optimum conductivity. Eichmann bayonet banana plugs - tellurium copper. Specifications: Conductors: Bayonet Plug: Gold-flashed Tellurium Copper or Pure 4N Silver. Construction: Bayonet Plug: High strength, temperature resistant, electrically inert polymer over-moulds and injection moulded parts. Housings: Bayonet Plug - ABS polymer (ID 7.75mm, total length 52mm). The Bayonet Plug is made to the standard 4mm banana connector specifications and is able to be crimped and / or soldered to wire connections. The recommended crimping tool is: PAL 1618 - Paladin 1618 Professional Quality Crimp Tool for 20-10 AWG Non-Insulated Standard Commercial Terminals and Lugs. Fully compatible with all binding posts. Each pack contains 4 banana plugs (2 black / 2 red). Eichmann bayonet banana plugs - cable size. How the Bayonet Plug has Improved Annealing temperature of the Tellurium Copper has been recalculated to increase bending strength by 800% Spring locking mechanism has been redesigned. Now fits snugly into all binding posts on the market. Improved fit has resulted in better sonic performance as single point of contact area has increased and is locked in tighter.

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