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Home Vibration Control Products Damping Feets Vibracone Vibration Dampener set OF 4

Vibracone Vibration Dampener set OF 4
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Vibracone Vibration Dampener set OF 4

Price per Unit (piece): SGD$68.00
You Save: SGD$8.00
Number pieces in packaging:4
Number pieces in box:24
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Upgraded Design for Superior Isolation

The Vibrapod Cone from Kennard Industries is a volcano-shaped vinyl isolation component featuring a steel ball bearing tip designed to enhance the sound quality of the finest A/V gear.

The new upgraded version now uses a 7/16" chrome ball, compared to the 3/*' ball on the original model. This change increases the capacity of each Vibrapod from 10 lbs. for the original version to a full 25 lbs. now.

Excellent Chassis Vibration Control

The Vibrapod Cone provides excellent chassis vibration control without compromising bass. Kennard Industries tested many different configurations before arriving at this precise design and shape.

Without the steel ball, the sound was softer and the bass lacked definition. With the steel ball in place, the bass was tighter and more accurate.

Using Vibrapod Cones in tandem with Vibrapod Isolators, "I again heard that sense of air and soundstage verisimilitude that serve as the hallmarks of a high-resolution sound system," reports Mike Silverton for his March 1, 2005 review for the SoundStage! online network via Ultra Audio (

Improves Imaging and Detail Vibrapod Cones improve A/V component imaging and detail. They are an affordable alternative to audiophile isolation feet.

These double-truncated cones are constructed of vinyl and tipped with a stationary 7/16" chrome ball, which you can remove and replace with any 7/16" ball, if desired.

Use Vibrapod cones by themselves with amps, preamps, DVD players, and other AV gear.

Or combine them with Stereophile-"Recommended" Vibrapod Isolators for complete isolation and vibration control.

On smooth surfaces, the edges of the concave bottom act as a suction cup, helping to keep the Vibrapod Cones firmly coupled to the component. Each Vibrapod Cone supports 25 lbs. Cones are 1" tall, 1-5/8" diameter.


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