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Home Sale & Promotions Blue Horizon Bubble Level Gauge & Stabilizer from UK-each

Blue Horizon Bubble Level Gauge & Stabilizer from UK-each
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Blue Horizon Bubble Level Gauge & Stabilizer from UK-each

Price per Unit (piece): $220.00
You Save: $21.00

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If a turntable is to perform at its best, it is vital that the platter is absolutely level. A number of bubble-level devices are available to assist with turntable leveling, but none deliver the unerring accuracy of the Blue Horizon ProLevel. Most bubble-level devices simply rest on the platter, acting like a regular spirit level. To ensure maximum precision, ProLevel slips over the spindle and, uniquely, grips it via a patented clamping mechanism using spring-loaded plungers situated within the main aluminium housing. As a result, the level indication provided by ProLevel always relates to the spindle’s vertical axis and thereby the horizontal level of the turntable, no matter what the diameter of the spindle. The accuracy of this method is greater than relying upon the surface of the platter on which the bubble-level rests, making ProLevel the most precise turntable leveling tool available. [Full colour packaging] KEY FEATURES Central cavity slips over the turntable's spindle Main housing fashioned from aluminium Spring-loaded plungers physically grip the spindle, ensuring unerring accuracy

Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 January 2018 00:06