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TA-200 Mark II - Turntable Interconnect (RCA connector type) High-End Turntable Interconnect (RCA Connector type) This turn table version of our IC-200 Mark II interconnect provides for the same outstanding performance as does the IC-200 Mark II interconnect cable. Similar in appearance, it is designed however, to inclued an exposed ground wire to eliminate hum. It too, takes advantage of silver in its design through use of our proprietary Silverfuse conductors. The TA-200 MK II has multiple conductors that are solid core, and individually insulated with a version of Teflon (which we modify to our specifications); resulting in the best insulation available. This cable excels against most cables in a most important area; it is enjoyably musical! Additionally, we use PTFE Teflon in most all of our cables; however, the insulation we are using for this cable is Teflon as well. Teflon insulation allows for substantial reduction of the signal discharge back into the metal conductor. Explanation: All insulations covering a metal wire will absorb a portion of the signal as it flows through the metal wire. That signal will discharge back into the metal wire, although it is delayed by a small fraction of time. This discharge back smears the real time signal that is passing through resulting in small but discernable distortion. We have developed a shielding system that is completely independent of the signal carrying conductors. This ensures that no RF or EMI gets into the signal – dead quiet background. We have also included a heavy-duty outer jacket to protect the interior and to also prevent against sharp bending of the cable. We have found that cables that do not have this additional protection, if bent too sharply, can be susceptible to sustaining small fissures (cracks) in the conductor which, over a period of time; degrade the performance of the cable. This is one of the reasons that used cable gets into the used cable market. Performance has deteriorated and usually the former owner does not realize why. This is especially true of cables that use a mesh cloth as their only outer protection. (Mesh cloth outer coverings are a sign of a hand made cable. See our Cable Hype page concerning the problems with hand made cables) We continue to use our proprietary Silverfuse alloy conductor material. EXPLANATION OF OUR PROPRIETARY SILVERFUSE CONDUCTOR MATERIAL: Silverfuse is a near alloy of silver and copper. The copper used in this process is Single Crystal Continuous Cast Copper. It has unique physical and chemical properties, such as considerably longer granules with absolute absence of gaseous impurities such as oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. It is free from impurities (up to 99.99998% pure copper). It is far better than continuous cast Oxygen Free High Conductivity wire (OFHC). IT IS NOT SILVER PLATED. Silver plating causes a dioding effect when signal is passed through resulting in brightness and distortion. Because silver plating has a bad reputation, some manufacturers try to disguise the fact by calling it silver coated, silver clad or silver/copper hybrid. But they are all silver plated. Our Silverfuse process starts with Single Crystal Continuous Cast Copper wire with a diameter that is slightly larger than the required size. It is then pulled through a trough of molten silver. The wire with a silver deposit is then forced through a compacting process where it is subject to tremendous pressure. The silver and the copper are fused together into a near alloy. The compacting fusion also reduces the wire diameter to the desired size. No dioding subsequently occurs with this process. The result provides for the benefits of silver; which are excellent definition and clarity, with the high purity copper benefits of warmth and mellowness. (Incidentally, pure silver wire also causes brightness)


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