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Home Sale & Promotions ETI Express-4 RCA Unbal Interconnect-1m pair

ETI Express-4 RCA Unbal Interconnect-1m pair
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ETI Express-4 RCA Unbal Interconnect-1m pair

Price per Unit (piece): SGD$299.00
You Save: SGD$100.00

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The eXpress 4 interconnect comes factory terminated with and is optimised for Eichmann tellurium copper Bullet Plugs. That said, it offers a level of sound quality and transparency that simply must be heard to be believed. Inner detail, nuance and emotion are conveyed with remarkable fluidity. The eXpress 4 employs the Eichmann Ratio, a patented formula that together with a precisely aligned Litz wire configuration results in performance that will satisfy the most demanding listener. This ratio of conductor and return diameters is the result of countless hours of listening and features carefully positioned OFC conductors and larger diameter return wires - a total of four lengths of high purity solid core copper. Designer Keith Eichmann theorises that this 'ratio' forces the larger return wire to respond rapidly to signals being transmitted through the conductor and at the same time it provides control of reactance between signal and return. It is nonetheless audible. Eichmann eXpress 4 RCA Interconnect Series 2 Cables Proprietary designs optimised for and terminated with Eichmann BulletPlug RCA connectors. Use of patented Eichmann Ratio in which the return conductors are larger in diameter than the signal conductors. This results in improved electron flow and better sound. Use of high purity oxygen free copper (OFC) solid core conductors configured in a true Litz arrangement. Four conductors in the eXpress 4, all very precisely aligned and held rigidly in place. Better sound and improved EMF control. Various lengths available, custom lengths on special order. Designed and manufactured in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Each pack contains one pair cables for left and right signals. REMARKS: FREE XLO CABLE OXIDATION PROTECTION WIPES X 2PCS VALUED @ SIN$3.00/EACH. FREE 3 DAYS CABLE BURN-IN SERVICE VALUED @ SIN$60.00


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