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Home Sale & Promotions Brilliance SYNERGY Interconnect-1.0m

Brilliance SYNERGY Interconnect-1.0m

Brilliance SYNERGY Interconnect-1.0m

Price per Unit (pair): SGD$199.00
You Save: SGD$30.00
Number pairs in packaging:2
Number pairs in box:12
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The Synergy phono lead from Brilliance Hi-Fi is rapidly gaining recognition from the UK Hi-Fi press.

What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision are the latest to review the Synergy and their verdict was "The Synergy is an excellent cable from a company that's new to us, and it's sold at a very sensible price....This well-made interconnect ticks all the important boxes: timing is crisp, insight class-leading and tonal balance spot on.

Hi-Fi Choice reviewed the Synergy and their conclusion was “ The sound seems altogether agile and lively, and we liked these cables a lot.”

Hi-Fi World were as equally impressed saying “The sound per pound ratio is superb. It has a truly open and neutral demeanour….. - you really get the sense that you're listening to the hi-fi and not the cable ".

Again a braided sheath improves aesthetics and mechanical protection for the cable, while appropriately coloured boots provide the necessary strain relief at the connector.

Teflon is one of the best insulators available and with a capacitance of only 57 pF/m, the Synergy phono lead is well suited (and keenly priced) for medium and long RCA audio interconnects as often necessary with remote mono-block amplifier configurations.

This is also a parameter important to some older valve kit. The value of the Synergy phono leads make them an ideal choice for multi-channel audio applications, (see our AV interconnect cables page for more information).


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