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Home Vibration Control Products Resonance Control Marigo Audio 40mm Tuning Dots

Marigo Audio 40mm Tuning Dots
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Marigo Audio 40mm Tuning Dots

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Tune Your System with Marigo Dots! Time after time, Marigo's VTS Tuning Dots establish themselves most effective improving overall system performance…and the improvements are not sublte! They bring out great transparency without losing musicality. Clarity, dynamics, inner detail, midrange bloom, bass slam and articulation have such an improved sense of openness after Marigo dots that they represent a major paradigm shift in resonance control. Improvements in soundstage dimensionality and image clarity become readily apparent, as well as the removal of harmonic smearing. Although they may seem too small to be effective, the Marigo Dots are surprisingly effective tools at dampening the micro-vibrations inherent inside every audio component. Each color and size of dot has a different and specific application and one size or color should not be substituted for another. The dots take advantage of the constrained layer dampening theory; when multiple layers of differing materials are combined, they provide greater damping than an equivalently thick layer of a single material. Marigo VTS Dots tune the resonant frequency of your components, making them work more harmoniously. Using constrained layer damping, VTS Dots dissipate aberrant vibrational energy, liberating it as heat energy. They are available in a variety of sizes for a wide range of applications. The Marigo dots can sonically transform every aspect of your audio system. You won't believe the improvement. See TAS 97 and 98 for rave reviews. Enjoy hearing a fantastic transformation with Marigo Tuning Dots.

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