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Home Sale & Promotions Kozak Drywash Cleaning & Polishing Cloth

Kozak Drywash Cleaning & Polishing Cloth
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Kozak Drywash Cleaning & Polishing Cloth

Price per Unit (piece): SGD$28.00
You Save: SGD$9.00

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KozaK DryWash is the easy way to safely clean and polish your audio & video equipment without water. Waterless car cleaning was born in the roaring twenties, a time of fine living and fine automobiles. KozaK DryWash is the easy way to safely clean and polish your audio & video equipment without water. Constructed of a unique all-cotton fabric treated with an exclusive chemical formula, each DryWash cloth will clean an average-sized power-amp or pre-amp at least 50 times. KozaK won't scratch your equipment's finish! Three special features of KozaK DryWash help it safely remove dust, loose dirt, and grime from your car's surface without the slightest harm to its finish: 1. Constructed from the finest 100% cotton domestic fibers using a special weaving process, KozaK DryWash is one of the softest materials known. 2. Only KozaK DryWash has the exclusive double-sided deep plush napped finish designed to lock in dirt particles. 3. The exclusive KozaK formula in the cloth acts like a magnet to pull dirt particles away from your car's surface and trap them in the millions of compartments within the cloth's napped finish. KozaK DryWash provides excellent results on waxed surfaces, with no harm to wax jobs. KozaK is also safe to use on modern clear-coats found on piano finish speakers, stainless steel, chrome and other specialty finishes as well as on the softer, older paints found on vintage amps. Save time, money, and water when you clean and shine your equipment with KozaK Dry Wash -- there's no messy time consuming cleanup. The manufacturer guarantees at least 50 uses per cloth under normal conditions. This depends in part on the size of your equipment and the amount of time between uses. Many DryWash users say they can get more than a hundred uses before the cloth loses its effectiveness. 1 regular size, 3.8 sq. ft. cleaning cloth in a re-closeable pouch.


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