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Home Sale & Promotions DNM unbalance RCA interconnect-1.0m

DNM unbalance RCA interconnect-1.0m
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DNM unbalance RCA interconnect-1.0m

Price per Unit (pair): SGD$166.00
You Save: SGD$77.00
Number pairs in packaging:1
Number pairs in box:12
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DNM Cables DNM cables are designed with science in mind. Based on solid core design, they are extremely good to be used for full range speakers. They have unbellievable performance to price ratio too !! In 1984 DNM made the first spaced-pair single solid core audio cables which over time became recognised for their unique clarity of sound. They were designed to give improved magnetic performance and good amplifier loading, factors which have been neglected by other cable makers. Low cost and high performance ensured the commercial success of DNM cables for over 23 years. In 2007 DNM cable research moved on and announced Stereo Solid Core Precision audio cable using a unique design of ribbon to enhance performance and ease of use. DNM Stereo Solid Core cable is designed to enable any amplifier driving the cable to work optimally into the cable load. Ultra high frequency interactions between the amplifier and cable play a major part in determining the sound quality of the combination, but observed differences in sound are normally attributed to the cable alone, a misunderstanding that has created some unneccesarily complex and expensive audio cables! In 2008 the DNM range of stereo solid core cables was extended to three types, two stereo/bi-wire speaker cables and one stereo interconnect cable, offering an ideal cable for most applications with the clearest sound regardless of price. NEW : DNM Stereo Solid Core Speaker cable - is a slightly larger dual channel ultra-high resolution general purpose speaker cable with 2.5 times less resistance than the Precision cable, so it can be used over longer distances, with lower speaker sensitivity and higher amplifier power. DNM Stereo Solid Core Interconnect cable - is a stereo ultra-high resolution interconnect cable in one small ribbon for all applications that do not require a shielded connection. DNM Stereo Solid Core Precision speaker cable - is a compact dual channel ultra-high resolution cable intended for use with higher sensitivity speakers (90+dB/W, 6 Ohm minimum impedance), lower powered amplifiers and smaller rooms.


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