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TaperWire 222 2-core Speaker Cable from USA
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TaperWire 222 2-core Speaker Cable from USA

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Overview Ultra-thin flat wire with an adhesive backing Run discreetly around your walls Flexible and easy to install Indoor and outdoor use Essential Info The Taperwire Flat Copper Speaker Wire is an ultra-thin, 2-4 copper conductor flat wires with an adhesive backing that is flexible and makes installation easy with a professional appearance. One of the benefits of Tape Wire is that it can be run discreetly around your walls, so you can easily place speakers anywhere in the room without ugly speaker wire marring your d├ęcor. The flat wire can easily hide under paint, wallpaper, spackle, flooring, wallboards, moldings and cement, this product is for indoor and outdoor use. Applications include high power home theater speaker wiring, low voltage electrical lighting, under carpet inductive loop for auditoriums and churches, and automotive under carpet wiring. The Taperwire 50 Foot Flat Copper Speaker Wire is also available in a 100 Foot Length, sold separately. More Info Taperwire has been providing low voltage, flat wire products & services since 1991. Millions of feet of Taperwire are installed in public, private & government institutions both domestic & internationally. Our adhesive backed, flat wire is a unique solution to any wiring application where stealth & aesthetics are desired. MADE IN USA


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